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Schools Resources

We love bringing our teaching dog, Ollie, to schools for oral hygiene instruction and presentations!



Ollie is a stuffed animal who helps us demonstrate proper brushing, discuss what happens at a dental check up, and teach healthy food choices. These 3-6 year old students love and remember our visits from year-to-year.


Our dental hygienists have a way of getting children excited instead of anxious about dental visits. Healthy habits start young and happy dental patients can be created from the very first dental office experience. Our presentations take place in the classrooms in small groups and last about 15-20 minutes. Each child is given a toothbrush and helpful information to share with their parents. If you would like for Dr. B’s office to schedule a time for us to bring Ollie to visit your child’s school, please contact us at

Would you like us to come to your school and share about dental hygiene? 

Contact us to schedule a presentation.