Dr. B’s Cleaning Club


The purpose of Dr. B’s Cleaning Club is to encourage his patients to practice good oral hygiene and maintain a healthy diet. Dr. B wants to be sure that we are rewarding each child for their consistency and efforts at good oral hygiene, rather than if they have cavities or not.


There are 3 key requirements for your child to be a member of Dr. B’s Cleaning Club:


  • He/She should brush their teeth at least two times per day for 2 minutes at a time (with help, of course).
  • Floss at least one time per day at night.
  • Have a healthy diet including fruits, vegetables, and proteins along with water and white milk. Limit sweets, juices, and sodas as “special treats” only.

Other than the obvious benefits of being in the Cleaning Club, Dr. B offers rewards for his Cleaning Club members. Cleaning Club members get a special “Cleaning Club” sticker and get entered into a monthly drawing for a gift card. How cool is that?!


When your child comes for their regular six month cleaning and exam, our dental hygienist will have the parent or guardian complete the Cleaning Club sheet. It is a very short page, where the parent/guardian will answer confidential questions regarding your child’s oral hygiene. Dr. B will review this page and discuss the Cleaning Club with you and your child after their cleaning. This sheet also serves as an opportunity for Dr. B to discuss any other special concerns the parents may want Dr. B to discuss with their child.


It is important to understand that sometimes cavities just happen! Your child might be the best Cleaning Club member and still get cavities due to the tooth structure and the amount of cavity causing bacteria that some people carry. We need to first control what we can–diet and oral hygiene. How cavities occur will be in a future blog post.


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