Loot for the Troops



It’s that time of year again! It’s time for Dr. B’s Loot for the Troops event!


Since 2008, Dr. B and staff have held their annual Loot for the Troops event here in our office. This event has been extremely popular, mostly because it’s a WIN-WIN-WIN. The children bring in their left over Halloween candy (win #1) to send to our troops overseas (win #2) and this qualifies them to be entered into a contest for a chance to win a prize from Dr. B (win #3). Also, parents get rid of the excess unwanted Halloween candy…and for a good cause. The children will receive a goody bag for their participation, as well as being entered into Dr. B’s contest.


In the past, Dr. B’s Loot for the Troops event has taken place for just one afternoon. This year we want to accommodate everyone a little better and spread this event out over 3 days. We will be accepting candy throughout our normal office hours during these the days (closed for lunch from 1pm-2pm) instead of one big event. The children (or just a parent) can come by our office at any time during these dates and drop off their left over Halloween candy. Each child will receive ONE raffle ticket per pound of unopened candy and a goody bag. There is a maximum of FIVE raffle tickets per child; however, the children can bring as much candy as they would like. The grand prize this year is $100.  The candy is shipped to Operation Gratitude, a non-profit, all volunteer corporation sending care packages to the troops deployed all over the world.


This event is an opportunity for us to teach children the benefits of avoiding going overboard on candy. In addition to being bad for their teeth, too much candy can lead to hyperactivity and weight gain. In some cases, the wrong types of candy can also lead to broken teeth and damaged braces. Caries (the dental decay process) is, according to US Dept of Health and Human Services, the most common chronic disease of childhood and is directly related to socioeconomic status. This event is great not only for all the reasons listed above, but also to serve as a public service statement to everyone to remember oral health is extremely important to our children.


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