Memphis Children’s Dentist


Which Memphis Children’s Dentist should you chose if you live in this West Tennessee and North Mississippi area?  This can be a very difficult decision for you.


There are a number of great Memphis children’s dentists.  Each dental practice, however, has its own vibe or feel.  The Memphis Children’s Dentist scene (East Memphis, Germantown and Southaven MS) ranges from large multi-location, multi-doctor practices to small practices to boutique style practices.  These children’s dental offices/pediatric dental offices all can treat the dental needs of your child.  Dr. B has chosen to have a boutique style pediatric dental office.  His office focuses not only on treating your child’s dental needs but also on treating them as individuals to help ensure positive and even fun dental experiences. Please give us a chance to see if Dr. B’s office is the right place for you.


Dr. B’s office prides themselves in providing high quality dental care in a safe and nurturing environment.  We also pride ourselves in treating each child as an individual in order to create happy, healthy dental patients for life.  Our boutique style pediatric dental office caters to those that appreciate efficiency, timeliness, respect and most importantly a family type environment.


Dr. B’s Mission Statement

“We pride ourselves in providing high quality care in a safe and nurturing environment through individualized attention. Our goal is to create happy, healthy dental patients for life.”


Since Dr. B does not advertise, the best way to learn about about our office to to read some of our 900+ reviews from patient families and visit our Facebook.


We really hope that you will give us a chance.  Please just call Ms. Donna or Stella at 901-415-2536 or email us at


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