Your First Pediatric Dental Visit with Dr. B


When you come to my office for your first pediatric dental visit you will be warmly greeted by my staff here at Dr. B’s Pediatric Dentistry in Memphis. You will be greeted with a warm smile as soon as you step into our friendly environment. The office is a happy yellow with a professional yet child friendly décor.  Our front office staff will gather your pre-filled out new patient packet or you can complete these forms at the office.  Once completed, an assistant or hygienist will escort you to our conference room. Our hygienists or assistants will discuss what services will be provided for your child at this time.  My staff and I are determined to ensure that each child will be seen on time in a very efficient manner.  Your child’s first appointment needs will be addressed based upon your concerns and your child’s age.


Children Under 3


If your child is under three, there is a good chance that we will be completing a “knee to knee” lap exam. We may also apply a professional topical fluoride varnish treatment at their first pediatric dental visit. This appointment will allow us to discuss your child’s Caries Risk Assessment form, as well as assist you with guidance through oral hygiene, diet, growth and development. We will not force your child to clean his or her teeth.  If any additional treatment other than this simple exam is necessary, then we will discuss your options at this time.  There are some children that are ready for a cleaning even as young as age two.  For these children, we will certainly complete this as well, as long as they and you are comfortable.


Children 3 and Over


For children 3 years and above, I expect that my hygienists and I can talk your child through a cleaning while having a fabulous experience. Again if your child is not ready, we will not force them against their will. I encourage parents to allow their child to come back alone with the hygienist. I do understand how difficult this is for parents and am sensitive to this.  A majority of children do very well once my staff is allowed to establish a one on one relationship with them and gain their undivided attention. We always allow you to peek in on your child once they are situated. Be careful when peeking in on your child. Once your child sees you, the focus they have established with the hygienist will be short lived. My office is laid out in a way that even though you may be not in the same room, you are never far from your child. If your child is not ready for a cleaning or we anticipate your child may be getting upset, we will come get you immediately.


Our overall goal is happy, healthy dental patients for life. At your first pediatric dental visit, your child will have a cleaning, exam and professional topical fluoride varnish application.  X-rays may be taken based upon your child’s age and level of cooperation.


After your child’s pediatric dental visit is completed, you will be brought to the hygiene bay or the conference room for discussion with me, Dr. B.  I will spend as much time with you as necessary to discuss all of my findings and answer any and all questions that you may have for me.


Bee-fore You Leave


Once we are finished, your child will receive a prize and get to play a game in Dr. B’s contest corner while you check out.


It is very important to me that you and your child have been warmly welcomed, treated with kindness, respect, and professionalism while at my office and smiles on both you and your child’s faces when leaving in a timely and efficient manner. We are happy to answer any special concerns you have.


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